There is Something Unique & Special Living Inside You, and
I am here to show you how to Unlock It & Express It Without Bounds

LOVE Who You Are

As you know, life is about the journey, not the destination. But, are you really enjoying it?
Are you making each and every step count?

ACCEPT Who You've Been

The past is full of old-BS! It's time to release those outdated Belief Systems you've been having about yourself and your life. You hold the keys to your own freedom.

DECIDE Who You'll Be

Envision a healthy-daily routine that is your pathway to success. Imagine falling in love with yourself, your day to day reality and how you are creating it.

Our Four Fundamental Focal Points


Your unique personal desires, challenges and goals. Your self-care, self-talk,
self-empowerment & self-embodiment.


Stylize your life from the internal to external. To live at your peak requires you to remodel your day to day
reality and how you interact with life.


Food is not only fuel but preventative medicine for life. Customize your diet and treat it as a sacred act. I support all specific dietary needs & restrictions. (GF, Paleo, Vegan, etc.)


Your home, your car, your office, anywhere you are spending time. Detoxification isn’t only for your body. Let’s keep your space clean and clear, ensuring it
matches what you truly desire.

Are you a working professional or super-hero parent whose food and lifestyle fall by the wayside because you are too busy to give them the consideration they deserve?

Do you realize your Healthy Daily Routines are key to your success, but have yet to take the time to make a plan fit for you and truly stick to it?

Is it time to take a step back from the daily grind to re-evaluate, remodel and upgrade the various threads of your relationship to Lifestyle and Self?

Let's Do This!


  • Develop Your Healthy Relationship to Food & Eating
  • Feel More Confortable in Your Body & Self-Image
  • Release Your Self-Judgement & Inner-Critic
  • Create Clean & Clear Environments Anywhere Your Spend Your Time
  • Find Your Deep Personal Weak Spots & Turn them into Strengths
  • Learn to Treat Yourself the Way you Would a Special Guest in Your Home
  • Make Friends with your Ego and make it Work for You
  • Be Empowered By Everything & Kick Ass at Life

We Got This!


What You'll Get:

1-Session: 90-Minutes
Lifestyle Assessment PDF

Get Real About Where You're At & Where You Want To Go

In this Lifestyle Assessment, we’ll get super clear on what it is you desire to improve upon. Then we will get specific as to what areas of your life need special attention. We will shift your focus to make valuable additions into your Healthy Daily Routine to create a happier, healthier, fuller existence.

Money Talk: $300


What You'll Get:

Three Sessions:
  • 1st Session: 90 Minute Lifestyle Assessment
  • 2nd & 3rd Session: 60-Minute
  • HDR: Upgrade Guide
  • Lifestyle Assessment PDF

Activate your Lifestyle and take things to the next-level. Are You ready for a serious upgrade?

Let’s fine-tune your life to reach your personal goals, create lasting fulfillment and kick some major ass! Let’s shatter those roadblocks, work out those issues, and create personal triumphs and breakthroughs like you’ve always known possible.

Oh, and we’ll be covering your daily Nourishment, way beyond food.
We can accomplish a lot in 3-Sessions! Let’s Dive In!

Money Talk: $1,000


What You'll Get:

  • 3-Months of Total Immersion Together
  • Initial 90-Minute Lifestyle Assessment Session
  • Sessions Every Two Weeks for 12-Weeks
  • Unlimited eMail & Voxer Support

Achieve Your Ultimate Aspirations & Up-Level Your Existence

My favorite way to work with you! This is a total journey of self-transformation.

In your Custom Program, we will dive deep and get you on the path to the life you deserve and desire. All those goals you have been putting off, it’s time to bring them into focus. We’ll also discover hidden passions and pleasures you have been missing from everyday life.

Why settle for anything less than living a life that ignites you with passion every single day?

The Goodies:

  • HDR: Upgrade Guide
  • Lifestyle Assessment PDF
  • Conscious Food Plan
  • + Perks & Surprises in Your Inbox!
Money Talk: $3,300


Choose your own adventure.

Are you serious about getting your life in order and/or taking it in a new direction? Do you need a full reset with hands-on support? I understand and I got you.

This is a unique opportunity to work together. Serious enquiries only please.

Custom & VIP Lifestylist Packages Include...

  • • Two to Four Day In-Person Immersions
  • • Personal Cheffing
  • • Corporate Lifestylist Training Immersions
  • • Private Exotic Retreats

Contact Me: Brooke@BrookeAlexandra.TV