“Brooke has the power to bring happiness & grace into people's lives.

Honestly, I feel absolutely amazing around Brooke, she brings a palpable vibrancy to any room, her food is fricken amazing, and her joy, contagious… we are so blessed to have her serving in this world.”

Nathaniel Solace

Social Entrepreneur, NathanielSolace.com

“Brooke is an exquisitely affluent woman of unique beauty and caliber.

She radiates empowered embodiment, pure inspiration and wisdom beyond her years.

I’ve had the honor of experiencing Brooke’s services as a Lifestylist and Conscious Chef. Her food is some of the most elegantly delicious and well-prepared nourishing meals I’ve ever had. In Brooke’s lifestylist sessions I got to experience how she has an innate way of seeing who I can truly become and am destined to be. She supported me in designing a sustainable lifestyle of healthy daily routines and personal goals to help me reach the vision of myself I strive for.

With her support, I’ve upgraded my self-image, elevated my Brand and increased my revenue streams so easily and effortlessly. Brooke is incredible at what she does, she has truly found her calling. I highly recommend everything she offers!

Thank you Brooke for bringing such upliftment to my life!”

Amateo Ra


“Brooke has an extremely positive and encouraging personality with a natural ability to bring joy to the people she is with... Just being in her presence is a motivation.

She naturally encourages you to find love within yourself to be the best self you can be.

Her culinary knowledge and skills combined with her practices for living a health conscious lifestyle provide an amazing platform for transformation. You also gain a dear and darling and beautiful friend in the process...”

Patrese Kirsch

Manager of Employee Relations, UCLA Health System

“Brooke has a special ability to support you in feeling your most self-expressed and free to be yourself. She styled and guided me through a life-changing transformational weekend that I will never forget.

Being around Brooke is a breath of fresh air, in her presence you feel her deep friendship, powerful understanding and complete acceptance of all that you are.

Brooke is a gift to the coaching world and its my pleasure to know her.”

Lynan Saperstein

CEO & Business Strategist, TheBigFactor.com

“I have known Brooke for over 20 years-and if you are looking to develop a more healthy, vibrant and well balanced lifestyle.

Brooke is definitely someone that can show you how, in a way that is both fun & fulfilling.”

James Barnard


“There’s an immediate magnetism to Brooke. As a woman of vibrancy and color, I gravitated to her right away.

Brooke carries an innate and unique ability to live, and to share life to a full and actualized capacity.

Her radiance is met by a depth of insight, which, more times than one, allowed me to witness myself in a way that was nothing short of transformative. If you’re looking to upgrade your life in the most stylish of ways, Brooke’s got your back!”

Rachel Stark

“Meeting Brooke has been a once in a lifetime, Halley's Comet experience for me. Her passion and energy for everything she does is stellar.

She positively radiates external and internal beauty and love.

As a longtime foodie with extensive travel and experience in global cuisine and food safety issues, I particularly appreciate her "conscious omnivore" perspective, which to me seems like the perfect balance between objective research and environmental principle.”


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