comparison companion

Why be your own worst enemy when you can be your own best friend? It can be that simple.

I used to constantly compare myself to others. This was not only exhausting, but it was extremely taxing and detrimental to my well being. When we compare ourselves to others, we set ourselves up for failure time and time again.

- Is there a voice in your mind that tries to make you feel like you are better than someone else?
- Do you at times feel the need to inflate your ego so you feel better about yourself?
- Do you ever put yourself down for not being as good as someone else?

We all have our own unique abilities and specialties, things we are inherently good at. Think of how ridiculous it would be for the bamboo to compare itself to the mighty oak tree, or the honeybee to the butterfly. Each creation of nature is its own unique being and brings its own particular beauty, purpose and charm to our sweet Mother Earth.

The same goes for us humans. It actually goes against nature and simply does not serve us to compare ourselves to someone else and our differences, for in each of us lies our own uniquely exquisite gifts, that special mixture of wonder, waiting to be discovered, acknowledged and adored. I have friends who are amazing at so many different things, if I were to compare myself to their personalabilities, in many areas, I would fall short, and then starts the detrimental cycle of comparison.

By choosing to step out of our own judgement into honoring and seeing everyone’s gifts as a blessing, we step out of comparison. It’s natural law that everyone has their own inherent talents. I dream that we all choose to make our passions our life’s work. With us all being so different, we can cover all the bases and this will lead to a much happier society with people doing what they love.

When we appreciate ourselves wholly or our unique assets, quirks and awesomeness this allows for greater self love and satisfaction. Leaving us happier, more fulfilled and in turn, more whole as a person. Isn't this what we’re all striving for, true happiness and fulfillment?

When we start to see our differences as multifaceted as a diamond, that’s when we start to really win. Opposing qualities highlight the uniqueness and the strengths and differences of one another. Each one serves the other and adds a certain brillianceto life, creating a glorious beauty that illuminates our talents far beyond the rigid thinking of the ego and it’s constant state of comparison.

Another thing to keep in mind is don’t take yourself too seriously! When we see ourselves as perfect and whole just as we are, we learn to stay balanced through adversity and know a brighter day is coming. Then we naturally don’t compare ourselves to others. As nature runs in an ebb and flow cycle, we humans are justthe same. We must learn to ride with this flow and be more accepting of our ups and downs so we can BE in the flow of life. When accept ourselves and others just the way we are, without tripping into comparison, we see we our perfection as individual facets of the whole. We are here to shine our light in our own unique way so that this World may be a place rich with culture and rare experiences brought to usby each particular person.

It is not about whether or not someone is better at something, more physically attractive or more accomplished than you are. That will always exist, and there will always be others who appear to be less than you in these ways too. It is about you looking inside and seeing if you are fulfilling your own potential to the best of your abilities.

The only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday.

So next time you start to compare yourself to another, stop, take a deep breath and breath in all ofyour own uniqueness and theirs. Have appreciation for your fellow humans, we’re all doing the best we can with what we know. Shine your light bright so you can be a beacon and lead others in doing so for themselves.

And remember to FLY (First Love Yourself) because when you love yourself, then you can truly enjoy life.