What do I DESIRE?

A vibrant World, where everyone lives sustainably in conscious consideration of our sweet Mother Earth. Where we can live with each other without judgement or competition, and thrive in a life of passionate work, play and service to humanity. I call this High-Definition Reality.

What do I REQUIRE?

Saturday Morning Farmer's Markets, World travel and adventure, loving touch n' snuggles, deep meditation, essential oils, cats n' crystals, laughter, hot-steeping tea, dancing like everybody's watching, lots of sleep, chocolate, heavy bass music and dinner with my Girls. Oh yeah, and I pretty much live in leggings.

What sets me ON FIRE?

Being that perfect match to ignite men and women, so they can blaze the trails of their pleasureful, passionate, purposeful life!


Vibrant, driven human beings who are open to accessing their greatest potential. Who are ready to create lifestyles which reflect the success they deserve and the happiness they desire.

From great food, to living out-loud with conscious intention, my favorite thing is watching others become overflowingly fulfilled with who they are and the life they create.

My Story

I’m a life lover on a quest to make life more fun, flowing and simple.

I've always been fiery, bold and super sassy. However it wasn't until I found my flow through Healthy Daily Routines that I began to discover spiritual solace and my sense of purpose. From training my crazy mind to settle down, to breating deeply, to creating delicious meals in the kitchen, I uncovered who I truly am today. As a lifestylist and Conscious Chef, I love to explore all things healthy for the body, mind and spirit.

Growing up I gravitated towards Natural Healing due to my incredible grandmother Rosalie. She was a Midwife, Chiropractor, Naturopathic Doctor as well as the link to my Cherokee heritage, leaving me with a deep connection with the Earth. I have been blessed to carry on her namesake of Alexander, as my middle name, hence why Brooke Alexandra was created. I pray that I can tap into her wisdom, immense strength, power and knowledge to keep the legacy going.

This life isn't always easy, and I will say I have had my fair share of challenges.

Coming from a very rough childhood and teenage years, I've done a lot of internal work to build up my self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem.

I, like many of us, have had my ups and downs with weight management. I wasn’t
blessed with a fast metabolism, and ever since I was 16-years old I have always had to put in work to keep a healthy weight. At 20, my weight had hit a record high. This led me to work with a personal trainer where I learned about portion control, counting calories and how to work out in a gym. I worked hard and got my body back on track.

In 2005 I was in a terrible car accident. I was hit by a drunk driver and it completely changed my life. My head hit the window twice while my brain-stem twisted, leaving me with two bulging disks in my spine and brain damage. I'll never forget how it changed me.
I was irritable and moody, and it took a toll on my self confidence. I dealt with depression and major body pain, which led to more weight gain, which led to more depression! Some mornings I felt as though I had no reason to get out of my bed. My life had become a terrible cycle.

I decided I had enough of being uncomfortable in my own skin and being so unhappy with my life. I started researching whatever I could do to heal myself, and it led me down the path towards natural healing and back to my roots.

Over the course of the next 5-Years I studied and put into practice many different healing modalities. These included home physical therapy, mindfulness practices, meditation, wisdom cards, breathwork, crystal healing, acupuncture, yoga, Reiki, exercise, essential oils, Chinese Medicine, Superfoods and a healthy diet to name a few.

I experimented with these modalities, blended them into Healthy Daily Routines, then put them into practice and healed myself! During the process, I got to learn so much about so many amazing ways to create a happier, more fulfilling life.

I decided to start my own business as a Lifestylist.

This involved working with clients on their health and fitness, home decor, wardrobe and even the way they carried themselves. One of my first clients was at risk - he had high blood pressure, and was well on his way toward a heart attack and diabetes. I found out about his terrible diet which led me to start cooking and delivering him five portioned meals a day. I educated him about how to incorporate healthy eating into his life. Once he changed his diet, he changed his life. This was the most incredible shift I had ever seen in someone, along with being the most satisfying thing I had ever accomplished in my life. This was the genesis for my ever-growing love affair with whole foods and lifestyle coaching.

I wanted to know more about whole, natural, fresh foods and how they support the body, which led me back to school. I attended Bauman College in Santa Cruz, CA and graduated as a Certified Natural Chef. I fell even more in love with cooking delicious foods and sharing meals, and imparting a healthy dose of my new-found knowledge to others. After Culinary School, I was blessed to become a Private Chef. This was a dream job and lasted many years, but I really wanted to be able to reach and teach more people.

I have been a Raw Foodist, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescaterian and am now what I call an "Opportunivore".

What this means to me is I’ve balanced my desires to eat what I want, when I want, and I see every meal as an opportunity for nourishment and pleasure. Many of the meals I cook are plant based and some include high quality meat. I gravitate towards as much Organic food as possible and make sure I eat some raw foods everyday.

In the last two years I had the honor of traveling the world. My travel partner and I decided to live big, exploring overlooked locales rich in culture and decadent cuisine. Not only was I living the stereotypical life of people’s dreams, I was living out my own dream. However, something inside of me was still unsatisfied. How does one not feel fulfilled after living in such splendor? The truth is I realized I wasn’t fulfilled because there was something still bottled up inside of me.

I wasn't carrying out my life's purpose & giving to the world my heart's desire to serve.

It was then I decided to commit my whole life and career to creating BrookeAlexandra.TV!

It is my pleasure and honor to share the priceless information I have gathered and the wisdom living within me, with you!
We all deserve to be well...

With Love and Gratitude,
Brooke Alexandra

Are you ready to discover your divine design?