I help vibrant, capable individuals cultivate
self-love, self-empowerment & self-improvement,
so that they live with purpose, passion and pleasure.

I’m Brooke Alexandra, a Lifestylist, Conscious Chef & World Traveler with a big heart and a fiery passion for vibrant living. I believe that when you give attention to all the little things, the Big Miracles Manifest.

Pleasure, Success & Fulfillment are choices you make on the Daily.

What are you choosing?

My passion is to support you to enhance your life so you can live with pleasureful purpose. Success comes from embodied daily living & investing in self-nourishment. You can be Fulfilled, Healthy and Happy - It’s Easy, Satisfying & Super Do-Able!

Nourishment Beyond Food

Conscious Culinary:

Recipes, Kitchen Tips & Healthy Eating for Every Palate

Lifestylist Essentials:

Droppin' Knowledge! Your Saucy Source for Upgraded Living

Spiritual Swag:

Tune-In, Turn-On & Level-Up!

What Is HDR?

Healthy Daily Routines to Create a High-Defintion Reality

All About the MEEPS!

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Are You Ready to FLY? It's time to First Love Yourself.

Be Your Own Badass & Sauce Up Your Life